Nuclear molecular imaging – ex vivo

Applications and description

The nuMIx lab is specialized in preclinical nuclear imaging in vivo and ex vivo. nuMix is proposing services in quantitative digital autoradiography  using a last generation MicroImager detector (Biospace Lab, France).

Autoradiography is a high-resolution (μm range) and high-sensitivity 2D molecular imaging technique depicting radiation distribution in histological (ex vivo) slices. In Autoradiography particles originating from the radiotracer incorporated in the slices are routinely recorded on a radiosensitive film or emulsion placed in direct contact with the specimen.

A new generation system, the MicroImager™ acquired by the CMMI delivers autoradiography data in a digital form due to the scintillating emulsion being coupled to a cooled and intensifing CCD camera. The MicroImager™ allows real-time image formation and quantitation without under- or overexposure, with an outstanding sensitivity by many orders of magnitude better than standard techniques. Additionally, the MicroImager™ enables direct quantitation of patterns of radiotracer distribution (real counting of detected particles from slices), as well as simultaneous imaging and discrimination of different radionuclides in specimens with multiple radiolabelling.


  1. Micro-Imager (Biospace Lab, France)


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Photo credits: François de Ribaucourt, C. Lamy