2014 FEI Image Contest Monthly Winners

2014 FEI Image Contest Monthly Winners

Dendritic Cell

Courtesy of Prof. David Pérez-Morga

False-colored SEM image of a migrating mouse dendritic cell (5.2 µm), showing membrane projections known as lamellipodia (green). Dendritic cells are sentinels of the immune system that are posted in peripheral tissues, ingest intruders and then migrate to the lymphoid organs. There, they expose some of their digested protein fragments (antigens) using their cell membrane as a showcase, report on the intruder and interact with- and instruct effector immune cells known as T-lymphocytes. Sophie Uzureau, Daniel Monteyne, Etienne pays and David Pérez-Morga, Université libre de Bruxelles.

Image Details
Instrument used: Quanta SEM
Magnification: 19588.2x
Horizontal Field Width: 3.584 µm
Voltage: 20 kV
Spot: 3.0
Detector: ETD SE

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